Facilities & Policies

  • Grand Ballroom
    • The Grand Ballroom with the views of the well-manicured golf grounds and large swimming pool, seats up to 300 at its entirety. For weddings and other events, featuring a head table and dance floor, the room comfortably accommodates groups of 250. Adjacent to the ballroom, an outside deck overlooking the Club’s 10th and 18th golf holes, which is often used for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and socializing. If you are looking for a slightly smaller room, the Grand Ballroom can be separated into two smaller rooms. The East Ballroom can accommodate groups numbering up to 120 and the West Ballroom can accommodate groups numbering up to 70.

      For more information please contact Jacqueline West at jacqueline@lagrangecc.org.

  • Fairway Room
    • The Fairway Room, with its updated furnishings, fixtures and fireplace, accommodates groups numbering up to 55 and offers a beautiful view of the Club’s golf course. The Fairway Room is an ideal and more formal setting for special luncheons, dinners, showers, birthday parties or business gatherings.
  • Nelson Room
    • Robert Nelson Room: For smaller events, the Robert Nelson room accommodates groups numbering up to 40. The Robert Nelson room is ideal for business meetings, seminars, showers, small receptions and more intimate dinners.
  • Policies
    • All functions should be booked as soon as possible through the Catering Manager. Menus should be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to the function and a guaranteed count on the number of people attending is required one week prior to the event.  

      Miscellaneous Rentals – The rental fee for any item which the club must rent to accommodate your request will be deferred to you. This includes special centerpieces, linens, audio visual equipment, special chairs and table requests.