May I see the club before I apply?
Yes! Contact the club and ask for the General Manager to give you a tour of the facilities

How do I apply?
Request an application from one of our current members

Do I need a sponsor?
You will need three sponsors who are current Regular members of the club whom you have known for at least six months.

How long does the process take?
Once your application and sponsor forms are received, you will be visited by the Membership Committee. Your application will then be presented at the next Board of Governors meeting for approval.

What is the cost?
This depends on which class of membership you choose. Please contact one of our current members or the club for more information.

If I become a member, can my family also partake in the amenities the club has to offer?
Even though you are the primary member, your immediate family, including spouse/significant other and children, may also participate in all the amenities your membership has to offer.

For more information please contact Membership Chair Mike Callaghan at

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